Chiquita Brooks, Courtney Dowe & Li’l T

June 10th  through June 26th 2010

Weekends only: 

Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8pm (door at 7:30pm)

7:30 pm on Saturday, the 26th
(door at 7pm)

WOW café theatre, 59-61 East 4th  4th Floor
Between Bowery & 2nd Ave.

F Train to Second Ave.

N,R to Eighth St
6 to Bleeker

Tickets $15 at the door, $12 in advance at

$10 for seniors & students

For Reservations Call:212-777-4280 or

Thursday, June 10th @ 8pm
Friday, June 11th @ 8pm
Saturday, June 12th @ 8pm

Thursday, June 17th @ 8pm
Friday, June 18th @ 8pm
Saturday, June 19th 8pm

Thursday, June 24th @ 8pm
Friday, June 25th @ 8pm
Saturday, June 26th @ 7:30p


It ain't easy comin' up Black not to mention female, in these so-called United States. Have you ever considered how difficult it is to cultivate a healthy self-image growing up surrounded by the superficial din of white media? In Black Girl Ugly Courtney Dowe, Li’l T. and Chiquita Brooks take you into the collective subconscious of Black Girls trying to hold fast to their love of self.

Through movement, poetry and song they juxtapose their immersion in the "truth" of white girl beauty with the reality of Black Girl Ugly. True to their legacies, these artists offer no tidy endings in this story of black girl victory. The contra-fictions persist – it’s the nature of the beast called Racism.

Ashley Brockington, along with Black Grrrlz R Dee-Licious Productions, presents the third installment of Black Girl Ugly. called 2009’s Black Girl Ugly “…touching, amusing and ultimately thought provoking…” Ashley is a member of the WOW café theatre collective that is celebrating its 30th year.  Co-producer of the Rivers of Honey cabaret that features women of color, Ashley is also the co-creator of The Cabaret Cataplexy, a show that features performance art, costume design & music within a community of emerging and evolving artists. 


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